IN THE NIGHT: Why stay with toxic people(the pros)

Although toxic people can be the worst kind of people to be around with and usually the advice would be to get rid of them 

I believe sometimes it is good to hold on to toxic people, Now this depends on what we decide are toxic people and what types of things we can handle and look past 

Not all toxic people are horrible at everything they do or are and they can have some good qualities in them 

SO I say this because sometimes we have to decide why we choose to leave toxic people and most times its because you are better off without them 

But if you see any potential in them or if you see yourself doing business with them then you should hold on to them 

And you don’t have to and I am not advocating for that but what I am saying is we should reconsider who we consider toxic and why 

And for things like businesses and growing together can we try to look past some of the stuff that people do and just try to be friends

BTW when I mean toxic I mean they can have different views then you that you don’t agree with or they work/act/think differently then you, I mean toxic in small amounts… amounts that one can handle 

BUT by all means if this people has nothing to give you and you cannot gain anything with this person then 



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Lately I’ve been looking for a job but can’t really find one also I have a bunch of goals that I want to achieve but don’t seem to get any closer to them. 

Sometimes it takes me dayysss to get the motivation to do something like get a job or find a hobby. 

But if your really into what your doing and you really want that new house or that new car or a new savings account or those cute shoes you saw but can’t get just yet 

Then you need some MOTIVATION 

And trust me when I say that motivation is hard to find because putting effort is a lot of work and what sucks most is when you put that motivation into something and then get nothing in return or you just fail at it 

But give yourself a pat on the back and don’t be too hard on yourself because even though you failed now you know you have that motivation in you 

And now you know that moving forward you can achieve just as much if not more with this motivation sooooo


^^sorry for my corniness lol 

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So I have eczema since I was a baby and have had really dry hard to manage skin 

Apparently as you get older the eczema will start to go away and I am still waiting for that day 

Five realities of having extremely dry skin(and some tips/products on managing):

  1. Your friends ask you if you can go one day without moisturizing and the answer will always be no (always)
  2. You become very conscious of skin care and skin care products because this is basically your life now 
  3. Your friends come to you for advice on what lotions/body wash and perfumes to use because you’ve basically tried it all
  4. Everyone talks about how they love soaking in the water and taking long hot showers whereas your think about how to make your 5 minute shower 4 and if this will change anything 
  5. You start to experiment with different products because no doctor I do not want to smell like nothing for the rest of my life 
  6. BONUS: Your well aware of your body habits and when your skin becomes the driest (personally my skin reacts to drastic changes in weather like winter to summer)

Some tips for people like me who also have dry skin use a good moisturizing lotion I prefer Nivea,Vaseline or Aveeno 

Avoid long showers just don’t do it, you need all the moisture you have in your skin

Apply your lotion/medicine as soon as you get out the shower and pat dry!

Comment below if you would like more post on maintain/dealing with dry skin 🙂


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So summer has a officially started about 4 days ago and I thought it would be cool to have a post about summer. People tend to go out more and enjoy times out more in the summer.

Five realities of Summer Time:

  1. You rather be under an air conditioner or a cool area because the sun is too much
  2. Sunscreen will become important and at the same time you forget the sunscreen and now you have a sun burn 
  3. If your into tanning, you walk down the street or to the beach to get a nice tan ( I wear glasses so I also get a tan from that)
  4. It times for shades/shorts/skirts/dresses and no sleeve shirts or you can wear some long sleeves for the days where its cooler (which is barely)
  5. You get to show the world your best outfits because you don’t have to wear any heavy coats or jackets
  6. Bonus: You realize your not summer body ready or you decide you care less even if you are 

I am actually very fond of the summer even with all the sunburns and crazy humid days

Comment below any summer realities you have! Happy Summer !

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SourcedBox Sunday: June Edition


SourcedBox, I love them. Each month, I get super excited for the delivery to be made and see what tasty treats I’ve been sent.

In the box itself, you get around 10-12 snacks, which are a mixture of dairy-free, vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan yumminess, and the box is just £18.95 (SourcedBox)!

Last month;SourcedBox Sunday: May Edition

Ilovedthe lotus seed snack along with the Scrummies – definitely a big kids snack.

So, I know you’re all dying to see what was in this months box.. so look no further, here it goes..

Multea & Boost Tea – T Plus
A cup of tea to brighten up your daily routine! Boost your morning with a raspberry and pomegranate blend and recharge with a cuppa lemon and peach.

Smokin’ Edamame Mix – The Food Doctor
Made of corn, edamame soya beans, broad beans and smoked Hebridean seaweed, this…

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IN THE NIGHT:RANDOM products try out 

So today I bought some new products to try out. I have curly hair and usually have to change my shampoo/conditioner routine about every month.

I have a lot of hair so I tend to use a lot of shampoo and conditioner. But yeah I’ll try these out and let you guys know how they are. 

ALL these products smell so good and each are retailed around 12-15 dollars each. 

Usually when I buy hair products I go toward things that won’t damage my hair like sulfates and parabens but I also want something that has a nice scent. 

And just so you know these products are geared towards curly hair but they also work for straight hair or any hair in general just depends on your preference. 

IN THE AFTERNOON: Impact on People

The impact that you have on a person can be tremendous 

Both in a good and bad way but today I’ll talk the positive impacts that help a person 

About two days ago it was my cousins graduation and for their ceremony they do something special 

This includes giving a flower to the people that you appreciate and that got you to this graduation day

To my surprise my cousin handed me one and I almost cried 

I hadn’t realize the extent of my influence on her and to now see her going to college its just the best feeling in the world 

The impact and the attention that you give someone can greatly impact them so if you know that you are able to help someone and move them forward then do so 

And later on in life when they thank you for all that you’ve done for them, this will be a great feeling 


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Lately my sister has been planning this gender reveal for her best friend 

Disclaimer: gender reveal is a party/event/gathering where they Find a creative way to tell you the sex of the baby 

She been super stress because planning anything is super hard 

I would tell you five things on how to be better planners but honestly I am not the best planner myself 

I don’t really have a set time or date or rule on how I plan, I just have a general idea of what I should do and when so I’ll tell you that instead 

So when I have to plan something I tend to panic because I procrastinate a lot and end up doing everything last minute 

Then after the panic attack is over, I write down everything I have to do in case I forget something and I also write down each day what I have to do

Afterwards I panic a little again and tell myself this is the last time I’m procrastinating(yeah right LOL) and then start to call for help 

I usually call anyone that is free to help and trust me there is no shame in asking someone for help 

I tend to also write down the things I can do right now that won’t take me much time verses the things that’ll take me more then a day

And yeah this is what I do for planning anything honestly and in the end it works out 


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IN THE EVENING: Positive Thoughts

I’ve been feeling more upbeat lately but, its been a while since I’ve felt happy or at least content with myself. I feel like I was just in a place where I was not comfortable and everything around me was negative or seemed to be very negative.

I’ve been having some health issues and ironically even though my health issues haven’t been the best everything else in my life has been going into a positive directions.

Five ways to have positive thoughts:

  1. Think of all the things that your grateful for even if its the little things 
  2. Read or look at inspirational quotes/videos etc… I love looking at inspirational videos like TED talks, I also like Shahd Batal on youtube she has a few inspirational videos hat have really helped me out 
  3. Talk to someone, it can make you feel better and they can give you advice on any situation your stuck in;it can also show you that your not alone 
  4. Surround yourself with positive people, a big issue I’ve had in the past is surround myself with negative people that only brought me down 
  5. Meditate or pray (personally I do both and feel that this has helped me a lot)
  6. BONUS: Do something everyday that makes you truly happy 

Understand that this will pass and positivity will come your way just be patient I promise it will come 


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IN THE MORNING:Portable Technology

We tend to be on our phones more often then not or on our computers or any hand held device that can distract us from our surrounding

Now, of course I am guilty to this

I usually carry my phone and laptop wherever I go

Five realities of having technology around :

  1. you tend to make sure that your phone is fully charged for the day because God forbid your phone dies then you might die (not literally but somewhat)
  2. EVERYTIME you get out the house your phone/computer/tablet is always somewhere near you and when you forget it you feel like a part of you is gone
  3. you make sure before leaving your house that you have you headphones as well because what good is technology if you can’t listen to music
  4. When your walking down the street you put your headphones as loud as they can go because you don’t want to hear the world
  5. You struggle to decide whether to bring your charger or not and then bring it anyways because you might miss an important call (this is the excuse however your real excuse is just so you can scroll through instagram)

I tend to do most if not all of these so don’t feel guilty, comment below if you have any tendencies with your technology


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