Five things that can help your hair curly troubles:

  1. Using cold water instead of hot water (prevents frizz and gives the hair more definition)
  2. Using a treatment oil in your LOC method ( I use either CHI or Biosilk)
  3. Investing in a satin pillowcase 
  4. Avoid hair dye but if choosing to hair dye do it professionally 
  5. Using a hair treatment(protein or hydrating) every week to ensure strength , growth etc,,

Some hair goodies I use

The Curly Co. Collapsible Hair Diffuser
Biosilk Silk Therapy Original Cure, 12 oz
Intense Treatment Masque
CHI Argan Oil, 3 fl. oz.
DreamHome Satin Standard Pillowcase, Black, Pair
Soft ‘N Style Sparkler Bottle, 12 oz (in case you live in a cold area and hate washing your hair with cold water)

links above are affiliated links


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