IN THE AFTERNOON:Communication

One of the hardest things to do is communicate correctly with people

We tend to communicate more with ourselves then others and we tend to do it a lot

I confess, I am one of those people that tend to communicate like crazy to myself but when it comes to confronting others I get stuck 

I tend to freeze or start to tell myself that its not even worth it 

Here are Five ways to become better at communicating:

  1. Write it down- it’ll help you organize what you have to say 
  2. Don”t be afraid to speak up, talk to yourself or to the mirror and practice what you have to say 
  3. If you fidget while you talk use your hands to express your feelings 
  4. Practice on a friend if your brave enough 
  5. Laugh if you say something inappropriate or you just mess up everyone makes mistake 
  6. An extra one is to not overthink it, I KNOW its hard but its possible and it’ll let your ideas flow more smoothly 

Let me know any of your advice for effective communication!! Or comment any advice you would like to hear about…Enjoy in the afternoon!


(image from Imessage Giphy #image search talking)


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