Enjoy those days where you wake up happy


Enjoy those days where you woke up better then the previous day 

Today I feel much better, almost happy but not quite there 

Unfortunately this won’t last since there has been a lot of drama in my house lately 

But, to even wake up happy is a sign that things will get better

I’ve been feeling pretty shitty lately, I think mostly because I had a really hard semester in college and then afterwards had to go home 

Home somewhere where I rather not be at but it works for now, I am the middle child so a lot of pressure is put on me 

To add to that my family like to give their opinions on my weight gain and career choice 

Usually I don’t pay attention to them but its true when you’ve heard something so much you start to believe it or even start to doubt yourself 

However, to I woke up happy and I know myself and I’m better 



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