In The Night: Coupling

Sometimes you meet the guy/girl you think you’ll spend the rest of your life with or that you will spend a long time with 

But sometimes life has a way of telling you Slow your roll and you do and you think it’ll work and then it doesn’t 

Personally, I talked to a guy that I thought I would spend a long time with

Unfortunately, it was wrong timing and no matter how much we tired to make it work, it just didn’t work

He would say that he didn’t have time and he wasn’t ready for a relationship 

And although I’m still bummed out about it, I learned so much from the experience and I don’t regret it 

One major thing I learned is that YES you can be friends with your ex’s/significant other even if things didn’t end the way you wanted them to

Among other things this was a big one because I didn’t think this was possible. However, I have restriction if he/she cheats or does anything of those extremes I don’t think being friends is the best 

And YES again its okay that it didn’t work because I grew as a person and sometimes people are not meant to stay in your life and thats okay and I STRONGLY believe that it can only get better

It’s okay because I know I deserve better, I deserve someone that I don’t have to tell to open up and communicate with me or prioritize me and that overall he’s a good guy

SO for anyone that seems down about a relationship or feel horrible trust me it’ll get better 


(Imessage images Giphy #better)




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