Although drama is so good in shows and even in books(if you read) 

Drama in the real world can be tiring and even worse it can divide people 

Drama is unnecessary and if your dealing with anyone that brings too much drama in your life its better to cut them off 

I tend to tell my friends to keep their dramas with their boyfriends between themselves because its none of my business 

Also most of the time I can’t give the advice they want to hear 

But lets not lie sometimes drama is interesting and what I think is particularly interesting is the way people react 

I enjoy seeing drama between people because you can see part of them and to me thats just interesting

The end note here is that although drama is great and exciting, you can do better without it 

Anyways if anyone could tell me any good drama shows that would be awesome or any shows at all I’m open to anything Comment below!


(Image from Imessage Giphy #images drama)




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