Six realities of wanting a pet: 

  1. You see other pet owners with their pets and want to pet the dog/cat etc… but are scared to ask 
  2. Your jealous of those that do have pets and can also take care of them 
  3. You look at other pets and start thinking about your future and future pets you will have 
  4. You beg your parent(if your still at home) to have a pet 
  5. You realize (sometimes) its best that you don’t have a pet because your not as responsible as you could be 
  6. You start to notate trying to convince yourself and others why you should have a pet 

I am a dog person and just saw the cutest husky ever and I almost cried 

Eventually I’ll get one but till then ill just dream about having a dog, its been so serious that I already have names picked out for my future dogs 



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