IN THE EVENING: Positive Thoughts

I’ve been feeling more upbeat lately but, its been a while since I’ve felt happy or at least content with myself. I feel like I was just in a place where I was not comfortable and everything around me was negative or seemed to be very negative.

I’ve been having some health issues and ironically even though my health issues haven’t been the best everything else in my life has been going into a positive directions.

Five ways to have positive thoughts:

  1. Think of all the things that your grateful for even if it’s the little things 
  2. Read or look at inspirational quotes/videos etc… I love looking at inspirational videos like TED talks, I also like Shahd Batal on youtube she has a few inspirational videos that have really helped me out 
  3. Talk to someone, it can make you feel better and they can give you advice on any situation your stuck in;it can also show you that you’re not alone 
  4. Surround yourself with positive people, a big issue I’ve had in the past is surround myself with negative people who only brought me down 
  5. Meditate or pray (personally I do both and feel that this has helped me a lot)
  6. BONUS: Do something everyday that makes you truly happy 

Understand that this will pass and positivity will come your way just be patient I promise it will come 


(image from imessage giphy images #positive)

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