IN THE MORNING:Portable Technology

We tend to be on our phones more often then not or on our computers or any hand held device that can distract us from our surrounding

Now, of course I am guilty to this

I usually carry my phone and laptop wherever I go

Five realities of having technology around :

  1. you tend to make sure that your phone is fully charged for the day because God forbid your phone dies then you might die (not literally but somewhat)
  2. EVERYTIME you get out the house your phone/computer/tablet is always somewhere near you and when you forget it you feel like a part of you is gone
  3. you make sure before leaving your house that you have you headphones as well because what good is technology if you can’t listen to music
  4. When your walking down the street you put your headphones as loud as they can go because you don’t want to hear the world
  5. You struggle to decide whether to bring your charger or not and then bring it anyways because you might miss an important call (this is the excuse however your real excuse is just so you can scroll through instagram)

I tend to do most if not all of these so don’t feel guilty, comment below if you have any tendencies with your technology


(Image from imessage image giphy #technology)


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