Lately my sister has been planning this gender reveal for her best friend 

Disclaimer: gender reveal is a party/event/gathering where they Find a creative way to tell you the sex of the baby 

She been super stress because planning anything is super hard 

I would tell you five things on how to be better planners but honestly I am not the best planner myself 

I don’t really have a set time or date or rule on how I plan, I just have a general idea of what I should do and when so I’ll tell you that instead 

So when I have to plan something I tend to panic because I procrastinate a lot and end up doing everything last minute 

Then after the panic attack is over, I write down everything I have to do in case I forget something and I also write down each day what I have to do

Afterwards I panic a little again and tell myself this is the last time I’m procrastinating(yeah right LOL) and then start to call for help 

I usually call anyone that is free to help and trust me there is no shame in asking someone for help 

I tend to also write down the things I can do right now that won’t take me much time verses the things that’ll take me more then a day

And yeah this is what I do for planning anything honestly and in the end it works out 


(Image from iMessages images tumblr #planning)


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