IN THE AFTERNOON: Impact on People

The impact that you have on a person can be tremendous 

Both in a good and bad way but today I’ll talk the positive impacts that help a person 

About two days ago it was my cousins graduation and for their ceremony they do something special 

This includes giving a flower to the people that you appreciate and that got you to this graduation day

To my surprise my cousin handed me one and I almost cried 

I hadn’t realize the extent of my influence on her and to now see her going to college its just the best feeling in the world 

The impact and the attention that you give someone can greatly impact them so if you know that you are able to help someone and move them forward then do so 

And later on in life when they thank you for all that you’ve done for them, this will be a great feeling 


(Image from Imessage giphy images #graduation)


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