So summer has a officially started about 4 days ago and I thought it would be cool to have a post about summer. People tend to go out more and enjoy times out more in the summer.

Five realities of Summer Time:

  1. You rather be under an air conditioner or a cool area because the sun is too much
  2. Sunscreen will become important and at the same time you forget the sunscreen and now you have a sun burn 
  3. If your into tanning, you walk down the street or to the beach to get a nice tan ( I wear glasses so I also get a tan from that)
  4. It times for shades/shorts/skirts/dresses and no sleeve shirts or you can wear some long sleeves for the days where its cooler (which is barely)
  5. You get to show the world your best outfits because you don’t have to wear any heavy coats or jackets
  6. Bonus: You realize your not summer body ready or you decide you care less even if you are 

I am actually very fond of the summer even with all the sunburns and crazy humid days

Comment below any summer realities you have! Happy Summer !

(Images from Imessage image giphy #summer)

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