Lately I’ve been looking for a job but can’t really find one also I have a bunch of goals that I want to achieve but don’t seem to get any closer to them. 

Sometimes it takes me dayysss to get the motivation to do something like get a job or find a hobby. 

But if your really into what your doing and you really want that new house or that new car or a new savings account or those cute shoes you saw but can’t get just yet 

Then you need some MOTIVATION 

And trust me when I say that motivation is hard to find because putting effort is a lot of work and what sucks most is when you put that motivation into something and then get nothing in return or you just fail at it 

But give yourself a pat on the back and don’t be too hard on yourself because even though you failed now you know you have that motivation in you 

And now you know that moving forward you can achieve just as much if not more with this motivation sooooo


^^sorry for my corniness lol 

(Image from iMessage image #formation)

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