IN THE NIGHT: Why stay with toxic people(the pros)

Although toxic people can be the worst kind of people to be around with and usually the advice would be to get rid of them 

I believe sometimes it is good to hold on to toxic people, Now this depends on what we decide are toxic people and what types of things we can handle and look past 

Not all toxic people are horrible at everything they do or are and they can have some good qualities in them 

SO I say this because sometimes we have to decide why we choose to leave toxic people and most times its because you are better off without them 

But if you see any potential in them or if you see yourself doing business with them then you should hold on to them 

And you don’t have to and I am not advocating for that but what I am saying is we should reconsider who we consider toxic and why 

And for things like businesses and growing together can we try to look past some of the stuff that people do and just try to be friends

BTW when I mean toxic I mean they can have different views then you that you don’t agree with or they work/act/think differently then you, I mean toxic in small amounts… amounts that one can handle 

BUT by all means if this people has nothing to give you and you cannot gain anything with this person then 



(image from imessage image giphy #boy bye)


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