Now no one can tell me they don’t have their favorite pair of jeans or shirt and some sweats

I know comfy clothes might not be for everyone because lets be honest some people like dressing nice everyday and that completely fine

But if your like me and you look at assembling an outfit as a chore then you would probably look at your stack of clothes(cause who folds them or puts them in hangers anymore) and pick any random thing that looks decent and be on your way

And I am saying this because lets give awareness to comfy clothes and maybe even a THANK YOU (yay) because those days you stay home all day or you have to run to the store or go to that 8:00am class thank your comfy clothes for being there for you

And because they are super comfortable and usually affordable and no matter how many stains or holes they have you’ll probably never get rid of them

Lets not forget all those times that you needed something for a long day or for a lazy day and your comfy clothes were there

For those that don’t have comfy clothes though but want to have some because my post inspired you (YAY) or not here are some tips/ideas on what clothes to get

SO your in the store and you don’t know what clothes to buy and your thinking really hard about this you might want to look at some the sweats/pj shorts sections you can always find some nice sweats and comfy clothes there

Buy a size bigger if you like the extra space/baggy feels (I personally prefer this option)

Oversized anything is awesome

Look for long sleeve shirts if its cold or flowy shirts if its hot

And last but not least make sure your comfortable in it!

Like this post if you liked it 😉 Comment below your favorite comfy clothes or if you would like me to give you some links/ideas where you can get comfy clothes I would love to hear from you guys!!


(Image from imessage image giphy )



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