So I decided to write some summer essential/needs for anyone that is going to be out in the summer:

  1. Since I have dry skin (as you guys already know) I tend to get even more dry in the summer especially around my face area because I also wear makeup so to combat that I use a facial cleansing oil. I’ve been using the Julep love your bare face and it has been amazinggggggg. Its 28 zollas which is a bit expensive for 3.5 oz but its worth it.

And I am hard to impress but this stuff I LOVE. Not only does it get rid of all your makeup and you won’t have to go in with wipes or another cleansing wash. It also hydrates and balances your skin. Its crazy because I’ve noticed my skin becoming more normal after using this. You can use this to cleanse your face daily or to take off your makeup.

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 11.20.44 AM.png

(image from julep website)

  1. Rose waterrrrr has been a holy grail for me. I use it for everything to refresh my face, to set my makeup, to hydrate my skin everyyyything. Now I have two that I enjoy first being the Mario Badescu rose water because its cheap 7 zollas for 4.0 oz and its really sets your face and hydrates your skin.

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 11.30.24 AM.png

(image from ulta)

2. But the rosewater I’m super impressed with is the glossier soothing face mist. Now I’m already an advocate for glossier stuff because everything that I have purchased from them has done my face wonders. I don’t know what it is about this face mist but it can set and hydrate but also it balances your skin. I saw a dramatic difference in the way my skin looked and feel it was crayy. Also it has a lovely scent for those that like a good scent.  Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 11.35.28 AM.png Its 18 dollars and I’ve repurchased this twice.

(image from glossier website)

Now the last two items I want to talk about our my favs favs

One is the simple protecting light moisturizer in spf 15 this is awesome for the summer because for dry skin people who have those issues of finding a facial cream or even a body lotion that’ll moisturize your skin without leaving like an oily residue is hard. But this is it and its works very well under makeup as well. Its gentle on the skin and really hydrates. Its 10 dollars which is awesome (thank god for drugstore brands)

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 11.37.59 AM.png

(image from target website)

Now the lasstttt thing (sorry by the way that this is a bit longer then most post but I get super excited about skin care) is the Anderson Lilley Manhattan beach beach butter body cream. This stuff is sooo good. It smells amazing, it literally smells like being at the beach and its super hydrating on the skin. I put this on multiple times a day because its so good. Price is 24 dollass for 5 oz and its very much worth it. It can be used for your body or as a hand cream.

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 11.48.55 AM.png

(Image from Anderson lilley website)

So that is all thanks for being here on this long post. Comment, share or like beloww and tell me about any products I should try out any products that I miss or if you’ve tried any of these products.

Comment if you would like to see more post like this or any ideassss. THANKSS


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