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Why are student loans a thing ? Why must I go to college? Questions and Questions….

Also I just wanted to say I’ve been having a good day today although it is quite ugly outside BUT that will not change my mood

Also I hope everyone else has a good day

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We all needs some vases for these flowers so why not look for some affordable vases

I love vases because not only can you use them for flowers you can use vases for decorations putting different beads or beans inside to give your home a unique look

I picked out some vases from IKEA that could help you out looks for cute and affordable vases


(All photos are from ikea and unfortunately ikea does not sponsor me but hey if they want to I’m available)

  1. The first vase/bowl is named STOCKHOLM and retails for 19.99 really cute staple piece and its affordable.
  2. The second vase is named BJÖRKSNÄS (I don’t even know how to pronounce that but if some does let me know) and it retails for 19.99 also. I love the clear black color.
  3. The third vase is named SOCKERÄRT and it retails for 9.99 really affordable and has a nice gardening kind of look to it.
  4. The fourth vase is one of my favorite because of the geometric look and the color and its called LIVSLÅNG and retails for 7.99 so cute you can even buy two to really make a statement.
  5. The final vase is called SOCKER and retails for 15.99 and comes with both vases. I feel like this would be a good vase to have in a room or maybe in an open area.

That is all guys I hope you enjoy these vases and my little comments. Like, Share, Follow, Comment and thanks for reading!!


Do you like the feeling of rugs? Do you jus lay down on rugs sometimes and go to sleep?

WELLL look no further because I’m going to show you some rugs to decorate your room and to just lay there and go to sleep while you watch some disney movies


So here I’ll post five rugs that I found super cute and also that I would lay myself there like a seal

TARGET EDITION: (All photos are from the target website and this is no sponsor)

  1. The first rug is called hand tufted cloudy Sachiko Rug- nuLOOM and it retails for 370.99 its on salee YAY and soo cute I love this rug. Also comes in blue
  2. The second rug is called Plush Shag Rug and it retails for 80.99 also it is on sale. Love this rug!
  3. The third rug is called Chunky Knit Braided Wool Rug and it is retail for 269.99 also on sales. Cause its sales upon sales.
  4. The fourth rug is called Faux Sheep Skin Rug- Safavieh and it retails for 264.60 zollas. Guy I know your looking at the prices like welp but I never said rugs were cheap.
  5. The fifth and final rug is called Dunes Collection Candler Wool Area Rug and is retail for 391.99 weird pricing but whatever cause its on you guessed it SALEEEE.

And that it is all guys. Comment, Like, Share and let me know what else you would like to see. Let me know if you got those sales.


Side Notes; Curvy Gurls Winning 


Thank you to yesika on this fine morning that she reminds everyone we should not body shame and that curvy girls are beauts!!!!


That’s is all 🙂

(This photo was via instagram @yesikastarr) 


Today I was thinking about what types of flowers I would like and I thought about arrangements

They are super convenient and can give your house a breath of fresh air without it costing to much or taking to much space in your home

I personally love flowers so I tend to look for flowers that match my room or seem lively to me

Flower Arrangements that I’m obsessed with:

(FYI all the flower arrangements and photos are all from and this is not sponsored I just love flowers)

  1. These beauties are called Sunflower Bouquet and retails for 51.99 for 10 stems and the copper vases. They also have other selection of vases.
  2. These beauties are called Passion for Purple flowers and are retailed for 62.99 with 24 roses and the vase included. If your not a big fan of the purple vases they also have selections of other vases
  3. The third beauty is called Vibrant Summer Lily Bouquet and retails for 44.99 (its on sale yay) it includes the clear vases and double the flowers.
  4. The fourth beauty is called Expression of Pink and retails for 79.99 no specifications on how many stems.
  5. The last beauty is called Summer Dunes and retails for 59.99 with no specifications on how many stems.

Can I just say YAY to the person that actually takes the time to put names on these flower arrangements.

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Tell me your thought dreams LOL


SO for this edition of home invasions

I’m just joking so for anyone thats thinking my house is a little plain

Maybe I can spice it up without making a mess and maybe I can do it with just one item

So I’ll show you guys today five furnitures that can spice up your living room or bedroom room with this Urban Outfitters edition

The furnitures I usually look for is a more modern look but also convenient and that takes up minimal space

Hope you guys enjoy!

The first stool is retailed for 79.00 (although I feel like if you know how to work with real cement you can make this yourself) but if your a lazy hag like me you would just buy it also it wont be as heavy and the name is Faux Concrete Stool

The second stool retails for 159.00 which I think is a bit steep but its so beautiful I think I could get passed the price because the wood looks amazing and is called Matro ZigZag Stool

The shelf retails for 129.00 and is called Planes Storage Shelf super cute and small

The cute floral stool retails for 179.00 and is called Marta Barragan Camarasa for DENY Floral Counter Stool

The beautiful screen retails for 249.00 (steep) but very cute and its called Amber Wooden Carved Screen

Just a mini rant before I finish I wish that if a store is selling expensive-ish furniture you would actually put a name on the furniture instead of calling it the obvious but maybe this is just me

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ALL images are from the Urban Outfitters website


SOO Hello everyone!!

I was thinking about what could I talk about next that would be really cool and millennial feeling

And I came up with chairs!!

Now I’m super obsessed with anything that can be comfortable and spacious so when I look at furniture I tend to have these things in mind

So if yourrr looking for super cute and (hopefully) super affordable chair then look no further or look close or don’t

So this edition is Urban Outfitters cause they have really cute furniture that can spice up anyones place

The first chair retails for 299.00 (a bit steep) but much worth it and called Copper Faux(yay) Sheepskin Lounge Chair 

The second chair retails for 129.00 and its called Aspyn Faux Shag Ottoman Love love love

The third chair retails for 39.00 so pretty affordable and is called bubble chair (kidding but do you imagine they should) the real name is Trixie Inflatable Chair 

The fourth chair retails for 449.00 although you could argue its more of a couch and name Lohmann Soft Reclining LoveSeat (OHHH how romantic lol)

The fifth and last chair retails for 189.00 and its so cute but also called Noah Lounge Chair

All of the chairs are linked above if you would like to treat yourself

Thank you for sticking by and looking at the fabulous chairs and go out and get some for yourself or for a friend

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All image are from the Urban Outfitters Website


YAY! One of my favorite things in the whole world are hammocks every time I go back to the mother land I love going to my backyard and taking a nap on my hammock

Its super comfortable and with the right pillow you can have a great nap!

Now for those like me who live in an apartment a hammock might not be the most suitable thing

BUTTTTT for those that want to have a hammock in there place but can’t afford the space there are options if you have a big living room(YAY)

BUT if not we can dream instead

And cute ones too, I’ll also put down below hammocks for those that have a backyard and want a cute hammock to hang on some trees

So some of these prices are wacked but most are on the higher end

The first one I found in Houzz website and its called Weston outdoor hammock with wooden base, cream and has 4.5 stars retails: 229.59

The second one is from Target (YAYYYY) and its called 11 foot mesh hammock with 4 stars retails: 39.99

The third one is from Macys and its 50 percent off yayyyy and the name is Deluxe Duracord Rope Hammock with 5 stars retails: 170.00

The fourth one is from Target and named Aruba Hammock- Blue with 3.8 stars retails: 59.99

The fifth one is from Bed Bath and Beyond and named Pawleys Island Hammock Canopy in Bronze no reviews yet retails: 139.99

That is all I do these reviews for you so that you don’t have to and I hope you enjoy!!

Happy living Comment, Like, Follow, Eat, Live

Let me know your favorite seating areas and anything else you guys would like me to look for :))))

Also none of this stuff is sponsored I just do this for fun

All images were from the Macy, Target, Houzz and Bed Bath and Beyond websites

IN THE AFTERNOON: CANDLES(Anderson Lilley Edition)

Now lately I’ve been having a lot of stress and I’ve been also juggling multiple things and then realize sometimes I need to take a break and relax

Now everyone has a different way of relaxing and thats completely fine
Mine usually consist of meditating, praying or doing some yoga

My lazy hack though of taking a break is taking a much needed nap or sneaking in a piece of dark chocolate (to reward myself of all the hard work)

One things that keeps me completely calm is Candles, not only do they smell so good they also have a relaxing feeling (just remember to turn it off if your taking a nap)

I usually like sweeter scents and have a horrible way of describing things so just try to understand (LOL for my sake) I’ll try

Five candles that I am obsessed with:


Like I said I apologize again at how horrible I am at describing scents but trust me these are so good and lastt…. I’ll list some of the ingredients down below to give you guys a sense of the scent LOL (sense – scent)

  1. Sicilian Tangerine -Ingredients include tangerine, mandarin, peach, jasmine Retail price: $42.00 (tin version also for a cheaper price)
  2. Mango and Lychee-Ingredients include mango, lychee(no surprise), nectarine and pink blossoms Retail price: $42.00 (tin version also for a cheaper price)
  3. Manhattan Beach(FYI the lotion smells just as good!!) Ingredients including bergamot, citrus, white jasmine and Brazilian soft woods Retail price: $15.00
  4. Deep Blue Sea Ingredients rose, lavender, sage, clove and mush Retail price:$15.00
  5. Malibu Surfer Ingredients sweet pineapple,banana, toasted coconut and amber Retail price:15.00

And that is all let me know if you would like me to do more post like this but with a cheaper version

Comment, like, share beloww and have a great dayy!! 🙂 Hasta La Pasta


Candles from Anderson Lilley images and info website

Candle gif from IMessage images