SO I was thinking about ways to make your life a little bit more positive and having positive vibes around your house hold and thought of throw pillows

Now I love throw pillows because they can give your house a nice look or can just make you feel better to have some decoration

Also you can sleep on the couch with a throw pillow and who doesn’t want that (honestly)

I chose minimal throw pillows from target that I thought were super cute but also have a little funk in them

Each retail around 15-20 dollars so its pretty affordable

Five plus bonus throw pillows to make you a little bit happier:

  1. HI/BYE pillow 
  2. Good Vibes
  3. Faux Fur Pillow(yay)
  4. Everyday is an adventure 
  5. Hello Sunshine
  6. EYE pillow

Thanksss everyone for reading Comment Share Like eat a cake 🙂 enjoy your day and enjoy these pillowsss!!!!!!

All images are from target website


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