IN THE AFTERNOON: CANDLES(Anderson Lilley Edition)

Now lately I’ve been having a lot of stress and I’ve been also juggling multiple things and then realize sometimes I need to take a break and relax

Now everyone has a different way of relaxing and thats completely fine
Mine usually consist of meditating, praying or doing some yoga

My lazy hack though of taking a break is taking a much needed nap or sneaking in a piece of dark chocolate (to reward myself of all the hard work)

One things that keeps me completely calm is Candles, not only do they smell so good they also have a relaxing feeling (just remember to turn it off if your taking a nap)

I usually like sweeter scents and have a horrible way of describing things so just try to understand (LOL for my sake) I’ll try

Five candles that I am obsessed with:


Like I said I apologize again at how horrible I am at describing scents but trust me these are so good and lastt…. I’ll list some of the ingredients down below to give you guys a sense of the scent LOL (sense – scent)

  1. Sicilian Tangerine -Ingredients include tangerine, mandarin, peach, jasmine Retail price: $42.00 (tin version also for a cheaper price)
  2. Mango and Lychee-Ingredients include mango, lychee(no surprise), nectarine and pink blossoms Retail price: $42.00 (tin version also for a cheaper price)
  3. Manhattan Beach(FYI the lotion smells just as good!!) Ingredients including bergamot, citrus, white jasmine and Brazilian soft woods Retail price: $15.00
  4. Deep Blue Sea Ingredients rose, lavender, sage, clove and mush Retail price:$15.00
  5. Malibu Surfer Ingredients sweet pineapple,banana, toasted coconut and amber Retail price:15.00

And that is all let me know if you would like me to do more post like this but with a cheaper version

Comment, like, share beloww and have a great dayy!! 🙂 Hasta La Pasta


Candles from Anderson Lilley images and info website

Candle gif from IMessage images


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