YAY! One of my favorite things in the whole world are hammocks every time I go back to the mother land I love going to my backyard and taking a nap on my hammock

Its super comfortable and with the right pillow you can have a great nap!

Now for those like me who live in an apartment a hammock might not be the most suitable thing

BUTTTTT for those that want to have a hammock in there place but can’t afford the space there are options if you have a big living room(YAY)

BUT if not we can dream instead

And cute ones too, I’ll also put down below hammocks for those that have a backyard and want a cute hammock to hang on some trees

So some of these prices are wacked but most are on the higher end

The first one I found in Houzz website and its called Weston outdoor hammock with wooden base, cream and has 4.5 stars retails: 229.59

The second one is from Target (YAYYYY) and its called 11 foot mesh hammock with 4 stars retails: 39.99

The third one is from Macys and its 50 percent off yayyyy and the name is Deluxe Duracord Rope Hammock with 5 stars retails: 170.00

The fourth one is from Target and named Aruba Hammock- Blue with 3.8 stars retails: 59.99

The fifth one is from Bed Bath and Beyond and named Pawleys Island Hammock Canopy in Bronze no reviews yet retails: 139.99

That is all I do these reviews for you so that you don’t have to and I hope you enjoy!!

Happy living Comment, Like, Follow, Eat, Live

Let me know your favorite seating areas and anything else you guys would like me to look for :))))

Also none of this stuff is sponsored I just do this for fun

All images were from the Macy, Target, Houzz and Bed Bath and Beyond websites

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