SOO Hello everyone!!

I was thinking about what could I talk about next that would be really cool and millennial feeling

And I came up with chairs!!

Now I’m super obsessed with anything that can be comfortable and spacious so when I look at furniture I tend to have these things in mind

So if yourrr looking for super cute and (hopefully) super affordable chair then look no further or look close or don’t

So this edition is Urban Outfitters cause they have really cute furniture that can spice up anyones place

The first chair retails for 299.00 (a bit steep) but much worth it and called Copper Faux(yay) Sheepskin Lounge Chair 

The second chair retails for 129.00 and its called Aspyn Faux Shag Ottoman Love love love

The third chair retails for 39.00 so pretty affordable and is called bubble chair (kidding but do you imagine they should) the real name is Trixie Inflatable Chair 

The fourth chair retails for 449.00 although you could argue its more of a couch and name Lohmann Soft Reclining LoveSeat (OHHH how romantic lol)

The fifth and last chair retails for 189.00 and its so cute but also called Noah Lounge Chair

All of the chairs are linked above if you would like to treat yourself

Thank you for sticking by and looking at the fabulous chairs and go out and get some for yourself or for a friend

Like, Comment, Share go crazy Let me know if you would like more post like the one above

All image are from the Urban Outfitters Website

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