SO for this edition of home invasions

I’m just joking so for anyone thats thinking my house is a little plain

Maybe I can spice it up without making a mess and maybe I can do it with just one item

So I’ll show you guys today five furnitures that can spice up your living room or bedroom room with this Urban Outfitters edition

The furnitures I usually look for is a more modern look but also convenient and that takes up minimal space

Hope you guys enjoy!

The first stool is retailed for 79.00 (although I feel like if you know how to work with real cement you can make this yourself) but if your a lazy hag like me you would just buy it also it wont be as heavy and the name is Faux Concrete Stool

The second stool retails for 159.00 which I think is a bit steep but its so beautiful I think I could get passed the price because the wood looks amazing and is called Matro ZigZag Stool

The shelf retails for 129.00 and is called Planes Storage Shelf super cute and small

The cute floral stool retails for 179.00 and is called Marta Barragan Camarasa for DENY Floral Counter Stool

The beautiful screen retails for 249.00 (steep) but very cute and its called Amber Wooden Carved Screen

Just a mini rant before I finish I wish that if a store is selling expensive-ish furniture you would actually put a name on the furniture instead of calling it the obvious but maybe this is just me

Anyways thanks for coming along LIKE,COMMENT, SHARE,FOLLOW and thanks for reading

ALL images are from the Urban Outfitters website

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