Today I was thinking about what types of flowers I would like and I thought about arrangements

They are super convenient and can give your house a breath of fresh air without it costing to much or taking to much space in your home

I personally love flowers so I tend to look for flowers that match my room or seem lively to me

Flower Arrangements that I’m obsessed with:

(FYI all the flower arrangements and photos are all from and this is not sponsored I just love flowers)

  1. These beauties are called Sunflower Bouquet and retails for 51.99 for 10 stems and the copper vases. They also have other selection of vases.
  2. These beauties are called Passion for Purple flowers and are retailed for 62.99 with 24 roses and the vase included. If your not a big fan of the purple vases they also have selections of other vases
  3. The third beauty is called Vibrant Summer Lily Bouquet and retails for 44.99 (its on sale yay) it includes the clear vases and double the flowers.
  4. The fourth beauty is called Expression of Pink and retails for 79.99 no specifications on how many stems.
  5. The last beauty is called Summer Dunes and retails for 59.99 with no specifications on how many stems.

Can I just say YAY to the person that actually takes the time to put names on these flower arrangements.

If you want to see more of these comment below I can also do for specific occasions FOLLOW,LIKE,SHARE

Tell me your thought dreams LOL

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