We all needs some vases for these flowers so why not look for some affordable vases

I love vases because not only can you use them for flowers you can use vases for decorations putting different beads or beans inside to give your home a unique look

I picked out some vases from IKEA that could help you out looks for cute and affordable vases


(All photos are from ikea and unfortunately ikea does not sponsor me but hey if they want to I’m available)

  1. The first vase/bowl is named STOCKHOLM and retails for 19.99 really cute staple piece and its affordable.
  2. The second vase is named BJÖRKSNÄS (I don’t even know how to pronounce that but if some does let me know) and it retails for 19.99 also. I love the clear black color.
  3. The third vase is named SOCKERÄRT and it retails for 9.99 really affordable and has a nice gardening kind of look to it.
  4. The fourth vase is one of my favorite because of the geometric look and the color and its called LIVSLÅNG and retails for 7.99 so cute you can even buy two to really make a statement.
  5. The final vase is called SOCKER and retails for 15.99 and comes with both vases. I feel like this would be a good vase to have in a room or maybe in an open area.

That is all guys I hope you enjoy these vases and my little comments. Like, Share, Follow, Comment and thanks for reading!!

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