Mirrors are an essential even if it means you only have one in your home

I have several but thats my preference anywayssss if you are looking for mirrors that are both affordable and lovely then look no further

Today ill be looking at mirrors that are full body because I think a person should have at least one of those and yeah hope you enjoy

Target Edition:

(All these mirrors are from Target website(including pictures)and no I am not sponsor but hey Target I see you)

  1. The first mirror is called Cheval Standing Mirror 59.5″ H – Ore International and retails for 51.99 super cute for the bedroom.
  2. The second mirror is called Rectangle beaded door Mirror Silver and I just notice its has beading which is even better and retails for 50.99.
  3. The third mirror is called Rectangle Desmond Leather Floor Mirror Ivory and it retails for 269.99 so not so affordable also I just notices theres a sale for home goods in target.
  4. The fourth mirror is called Over the Door Metal Mirror Brass and retails for 37.99. Love this mirror!
  5. The fifth and final (and also most expensive) mirror is called Rectangle Daniel Floor Mirror Gold -Howard Elliot and retails for a steeping 689.90. But is so nice that if you got it then get it!

And that is all thanks for hanging around and looking at these beautiful mirrors and don’t forget to Comment, Like, Share, Follow and see ya. 🙂

Also sorry that 2/5 were not so affordable

Also sorry that I cheated and put a home good into the month of September but just to let you guys know the Month of September will be the College Edition YAYTATATATY!!



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