Food Haul College Edition YAYYYY

So recently I’ve been going on a vegan/vegetarian transition so the haul that you will see is pretty healthy

All the stuff is vegan (yass) and all I went to was trader joes and whole foods. These are just option for you if your struggling to get some food and do not know whats more accessible and whats convenient

I am currently a senior now YAYYY so I have 3 years of experiences buy food for college and I am all about buying convenient but also very tasty food

So on the door of my fridge I got some Lemons, soy cheese, kiwis, cold press the watermelon one cashew butter some Theraflu and so daiya ranch. Everything besides the theraflu and the ranch sauce are from trader joes. The ranch is actually from whole foods and the theraflu I got it in Rite aid.

Inside my fridge on the bottom I have two bags of mixed greens one its like mango and greens.The second shelf I have mushrooms, ketchup, tofu and sweet chili sauce. All of this is from Trader Joes. The BBQ sauce is from whole foods. The top shelf I have all the way in the back butter that I got in whole foods. Then I got some apples and 100% multigrain bread from Trader Joes.

Now moving along to the fridge I jus have some microwaveable pad thai, breakfast patties and sweet potatoes frites yay all from Trader Joes and all so good.

On the tops of my fridge I haveeee Nutritional yeast, potatoes, garlic, pineapples, tangerines, jasmine rice, almond breeze milk and chocolate almond breeze milk all of these I got from trader joess. Oh and some aloe veraa that I got from my local market.

And LAST I got some avocado oil and everything bagels from Costco, I recommend this because avocado oil is expensive. Some old fashion oats, small potatoes, DECAF green tea, smoked paprika, onion salt and chile lime spices all from Trader Joes. I got the tabasco sauce and Himalayan salt from Walmart.

SOoo all this can last you for about two weeks, this one was a bit longer with more things because I just got back to school so I needed condiments and spice etc…

Like I said most of these foods are healthy and can last you. None of the cooking would take you more then 30 minutes and you’ll be satisfy. If you would like me to show you what I eat in a day or how I make this last for two week let me know!

I’ll do a whole other blog on snack because that is near and dear to my heart. Adioss 🙂


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