IN THE MORNING: Things You Thought You Didn’t Need for College

So I’ve been thinking about how I have progressed in my packing and buying skills for college

Since I live on campus there are some things that you might not think about when you get to school but might be essential to you

Things that You MIGHT need for school:

  • Laundry Bag– I feel like this is a given unless your campus is close to home and you can do your laundry at home
  • Dryer Sheets and Softener– So my dryers and washers in school sucks and although I live an hour away from home I do have to take the train and taking the train with a laundry bag is no fun. For whatever reason my school dryers make your clothes smell like burnt clothes so to avoid that I use dryer sheets. I also use softener because my schools washers are trash.
  • Good Sheets and a Good TOWEL– Now I am not saying to spend 100 dollars on sheets and towels but getting a good towel and sheets can save you money in the long run since they won’t tear and will stay intact.
  • TO GO Clothes– There are going to be those days when you don’t know what to wear(this is me everyday) or you just pick whatever you find so have lots of basics shirts, pants, sweats that you can just grab and go.
  • Air Freshener– We all do number 2 and if your eating well it can smell sometimes so just have some fragrances or freshener to help I like Febreeze but Pop-purri is by far my favorite.
  • Extra Storage– If you have a lot of products or you just like bring extra stuff because you rather be over prepared then under (guilty) then you’ll need extra storage and getting some can actually give you some space in your dorm.

That is all! I hope you enjoy and hope you have a great day!


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