HELLOOO and Good Morning!

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I recently went on a mini food shopping to get some snacks and other items I needed. All these are near and dear to my heart and I honestly wish I would of bought more but Oh well! All these products are vegan/vegetarian!!

One of these products was sent out to me as sample which I am very grateful for because it is one of my favorite teas. Also I just want you guys to know that I am 100% honest about all my products whether it be from my own purchase or samples.


So since I am on this topic these are the Traditional Medicinals teas. They are bomb and I’ve been buying these teas for quick a while (usually will get them at Whole Foods or Stop and Shop). Again these were sent out to me as sample but none the less my love for them is equal. I’ve been drinking one of these everyday especially since I had a bad cold. Its definitely helped relieve my sinuses up. My go-tos right now are nettle leaf, tulsi with ginger and turmeric. However, I love all of them these are just my favs for now. My roommates have also been taking my teas and they are in love with the mountain tea and roasted dandelion roots.

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Nowwwww these are my snacks YAYYYYY I will already tell you I have gone through the whole bag of plantain chips and snickerdoodles. Sorry not sorry. All these items are from Trader Joes including the fruit sauce crushers and the social snack crackers. I love these so much I discovered the Fruit sauce crushers when I bought some from my brother and the proceeded to eat them all. They like different flavored apple sauce but in a pouch.

The plantain chips taste like plantain chips that is all. The snickerdoodles have a perfect amount of cinnamon however these are very soft so if your not into that texture don’t buy it! The Social Snack Crackers are to die for they remind me of the keeber club crackers but almost healthier LOL they might not be but lets pretend.


I’ll be honest with you like always I haven’t tried this out yet mostly because my salad gone bad BUT when I get some salad I’ll try it out and let you know!! Also I know the Just Mayo is good so this should be just as good.


GIRLLLLLLLL I have been craving ramen for so long! And being sick made me want soup even more! But with school and work I didn’t want to make soup from scratch so I bought some. I got these from Whole Foods and they are the Dr. McDougalls Ramen.Lets just say they’re so good I have to restock!


Last Snack/Dessert Item more like a treat for me is these DF Mavens Key Lime Ice Cream I tried it out in Whole Foods and instantly fell in love. Guilty I’m like half way through the container.

WELP that is all I hope you enjoyed and if you want to see more of these comment below because I honestly enjoy this LOL.

Have a great day!!

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