Side Note: Curly Hair Troubles

So this is a random post hence the side note

And today since I have some time off I just wanted to talk about my curly hair

Recently I’ve been using my regular hair products that I adore but I felt like I needed something new

I am thinking about trying some other products out in order to see what works best for me since the weather is changing

My sister has been using the Briogeo hair products like the Briogeo Curl Charisma Rice Amino + Avocado Leave-In Defining Creme-6 oz and she loves them

I have sneaked in some of her products as well and I adore them and am thinking of purchasing a couple of products from their avocado line

I’ve also heard the ApHogee Intensive Two Minute Keratin Reconstructor (16 OZ.) and Ovation Cell Therapy Hair & Scalp Treatment are really good so I might try those as well

I usually wear my hair out or in a bun or braids so I always need frizz control products

I also want to buy a treatment for hair growth but I’m unsure which to buy.. any suggestions? I was thinking of getting some curly hair extensions (we will see) because sometimes I just want my hair to have some length

My hair is very prune to frizz which is why I constantly change up my products


This is my hair on the second day

I LOVE my frizz but sometimes I want it tame :))))

Have a great day guys and thanks for reading my rambles !


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For Curly Hair

DreamHome Satin Standard Pillowcase, Black, Pair
Soft ‘N Style Sparkler Bottle, 12 oz (in case you live in a cold area and hate washing your hair with cold water)
Curls Blueberry Bliss Reparative Hair Wash & Leave-In Conditioner 8oz “Combo'”
Curl Blueberry bliss jelly

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