IN THE AFTERNOON: Dealing with being sick while in college

Being sick sucks

And what sucks more is when your in college and sick because although professor give you days for being sick that might not always be the case for you

It might be a daily thing or a monthly thing that of course you can’t control

I am very happy that my stomach issues have gone away and I am no longer sick with the cold but a new sickness has arises

First let me say I swear I do not get sick this often its just been a crazy year and I have been dealing with headaches forever

Probably ever since high school, then it kind of went away and I barely got any headaches

Then I started to get this very painful headaches mid summer and starting school

I also started to notice patterns like when I would go from being hot outside to going into an AC room I would get a headache and sleeping in the dark lessen my headaches

I usually take pills for my headaches because its the only way they go away but you should always talk to your doctor before taking any pills

Anyways I just kept getting headaches everyday and it was a pain cause I would be in class and boom headache and ultimately this was just ridiculous

Then I started to google because who doesn’t and found that I might have migraines which I was like great because its obviously something thats not curable but I didn’t let that stop me from going to class

I always think about people that have worst sicknesses then me and how they still manage to get up and do what they have to so now I just know my triggers and try to avoid them as much as possible

I also bring my medication with me just in case my migraines hit while I am in class

Some tips for those that have suffer from headaches always bring medication and if your head really hurts and the class is big take a nap and put your head down. If you do not have that option and your class is small then excuse yourself if its to the point that you cannot handle it and email your professor explaining why you had to leave.

Professors do understand these situations, they are humans too.

So yeah I just come prepared and know my limits if I know theres no way I can make it to class email your professor 

Take your medication with you if possible and just be as positive as possible everyday

Thanks guys for being here! share your experiences in the comment section if you were ever sick in college and how you dealt with it. Have a fun day!


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