I ate like crap!

I ate like crap this whole week and went to the gym and didn’t regret it 🤷🏽‍♀️

It was a crappy week with crappy days and crappiness involved (sorry for the overuse of crappy)

But it was and I just didn’t feel motivated to eat right enough

So I gave in and ate Starbucks and ate candy because halloween (is close) and ate outside food like three-time this week

And I want to be honest because even though I talk about healthy eating that is not always what I do

And sometimes I write to you guys and myself in order to remind myself of why I eat healthy

But this week was just a lot

And I think I needed the crappy eating because I truly feel now like I can start eating right again

It’s a roller coaster there will be lots of ups and downs but getting to a healthier you is possible

Failing is bad and honestly sometimes it’s needed

I love working out and going to the gym it’s been a routine

I’ve been so motivated to go but I also love food and I find comfort in it when I’m stressed

And college is stressful so I eat LOL

And I am okay

And I’ll continue to exercise and choice healthier options and eat better

And look at myself and see all the pretty parts of me

Cause I do see change and I do feel better

So I am okay with a crappy week because I know a better one will come 🙂

Has nothing to do with my post but I found it so funny


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