So today on October 19, 2017 I was truly inspired 

My classes inspired me and here I am telling you 

I am taking two classes right now and one involves environmental art which I love truly 

And one involves technical communications and both of them intertwine with each other

Honestly it’s weird cause in some way all my classes intertwine with each other

And it just inspired me to do more 

To look for internships and scholarships 

To look for things that I want to do in my life and to start doing them 

And when I feel inspired I usually acted on it because I love projects and I love getting them done 

And I hope (with the grace of God) all my inspirations will flourish 

Some of you might be thinking this is not involved with the body 

But it is and I’ll tell you why 

And it’s because our mind is part of our body and our inspirations come from our mind 

When we’re inspired we tend to be happier and ambitious and our bodies love us for this 

So two things for you guys to consider today for me and for your body 

Look at some environmental art if there are green cubes near you go to them! 

And also be inspired! Be inspired by your body mind 

I’m inspired by my body everyday on how it changes and heals especially when I work out at the gym or when I burn myself twice in one day LOL

But do this and let me know your thoughts.

Some works I adore 

Image not my own Gianfranco Gorgoni
Image not my own

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