Heyyy everyone soo gyms are scary right ? And they can be extremely intimidating which is why a lot of us and I think especially girls decide not to do

I know my college gym gets packed throughout the day and sometimes it gives me anxiety to go because I don’t want to look like I don’t know what I’m doing

So the question is how do we get over the anxiety or how can we get around working out at the gym

SOo first things first there are always up sides and down sides to working out at the gym versus home or somewhere else but you must choose what seems more convenient for you

I prefer to work out at home however I do not have that luxury at the moment since most of my workouts are on my computer and my computer is not functional right now

And I do not have any weights at home

So the gym is my only resource and although I hate it sometimes I always try to walk into the gym being positive

First don’t look at people working out just mind your busy and do what you do best

Work out!

Second if you’re getting distracted or anxiety is creepy up on your watch your favorite show or listen to really loud music (although this might mess up your ears long-term but who cares right) this will focus you only on your work out

Pep talk yourself while your walking to the gym and tell yourself that your going to do a great job today and even if you don’t at least you still went to the gym and that you don’t care about people’s opinions because you know that you are the queen/king anyways

Now for those that really can’t go to the gym work out at home! Make sure to do it in an area that your comfortable in

Gyms are too expensive anyways!

Or you can walk or run outside! Take a jog or look out it’s better than going to the gym cause usually people ignore you anyway

Call up a friend and walk around the block a couple of times

Also if you’re a morning person run in the morning they’re will be fewer people their and hence less people to look at you

I tend to go to the gym in the mornings because it is usually pretty empty and just gives me more comfortable to work out

Above all know that you are great and going to the gym doesn’t make you less of a person

Everyone starts somewhere and those who are at the gym judging you well screw them! Go get what you need and walk away

It is your health and your life and the way you choice to work out should be no ones concern

You are the best you and the nothing can stop you !

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