Hello and Happy Halloween!! yes I know its tomorrow but I won’t be posting tomorrow so here I am

Jus wanted to give you guys a reminder that although you can eat all the candy  in the world you should not and although you might really really want to

cause trust me I do as well again you shouldn’t

But that doesn’t mean treat yo self cause you should and trust me eventually this will make a big difference

there must be balance in your life

So today I wanted to talk about some of the changes I’ve made in working out and my diet and possibly can be of assistance to you (I am not a professional so this is just whats been working for me and might help you)

First off I started to incorporate a protein drink to ensure I get enough protein

As I started looking at my calorie intact I noticed everyday I wasn’t meeting the goal of my protein and most of it is because I am vegetarian and do not like beans as much. This is the protein I get btw 🙂 Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder, Double Rich Chocolate 2 Pound

So protein drinks have been a huge help for me to reach my goal and also they fill you up which means you’ll eat less and thus be less hangry

I also started to count calories although I am not obsessive about it. I do try to make sure I meeting my eating goals. The apps I use for this is both lifesum and myfitnesspal both are awesome!

This passed two days I did intermittent fasting which has been great also I do the 16 hours fasting and 8 hour window for eating

No complaints I still eat the right amount of calories and workout however I only did this one weekend

In terms of the gym I started to incorporate more weights into my routine and although I am crazy sore the next day it’s really worth it. These are the weights I use when I’m home really good pricing! Tone Fitness SDKC2S-TN030-4 Vinyl Kettlebell Set, 30 lb Set

Also some YouTubers and instagrams I like when I need the motivation to eat right and work out

YouTubers: Nakita Johnson, Kai Wheeler, Alyssa Edmunds and Scola Dondo love them all bodies so bomb and inspo!

Instagram:@lisa.b88 and kitagirl928(she also has a YouTube Nakita Johnson) both their bodies are bomb and every time I’m tempted I just scroll through their feeds and that motivates me not too

And that’s about it if you’ve tried any of these and liked it let me know and if you have any other suggestions let me know as well! Adioz

Image not my own from giphy

(links are affiliated link)

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