consejo para el cabello rizado

Le daré consejos durante 15 minutos por correo electrónico sobre cualquier pregunta relacionada con el cabello rizado. Esto puede incluir productos para usar, peinados, tratar con comentarios negativos de personas, asequibilidad, vale la pena la transición, cosas que esperar, frizz, mantenimiento del cabello, pérdida de cabello, materiales de productos para el cabello (difusores, ataduras para el cabello, etc.) Si paga más de uno, entonces el tiempo se duplica. Entonces, digamos que compró dos pagos, entonces le respondo tu preguntas en un correo electrónico por 30 minutos. La cantidad de tiempo comenzará cuando le devuelva la respuesta a sus preguntas por correo electrónico y me aseguraré de responder lo antes posible.


For my spanish speaking loves thats for you up top! Yes I speak spanish :))))))

HELLO EVERYONE AND WELCOME! Today I won’t write too much (I promise)

So I was thinking the other day I am really good at giving advice and I am also really good about giving advice on curly hair

I’ve had curly hair now for about 5 year and yes it was a journey (will insert pictures

Curly Hair Advice

I’ll give you advice for 15 minutes through email about any questions regarding curly hair. This can include products to use, hairstyles, dealing with comments, affordability, is it worth transitioning, things to expect, frizz, hair maintenance, hair loss, hair product materials( diffusers, hair ties etc..) If you pay for more then one then the time double. So say you bought two payments then I would be emailing you for 30 minutes. The amount of time will start when I email you back the answer to your questions and I’ll be sure to respond asap



So if you’re not sure about what products to use and how to get started I can help with that

First off I have had trouble all my life with my hair till I went natural and when I was transitioning 80% of people’s comments were negative

including my family and that’s because their Spanish and not used to having people wear out their natural hair

I’ve dealt with frizz, hair loss, multiple incidents where the stylist cut off more hair than was originally stated.

So in this service I will be giving advice about what products can work best for your hair, how to get rid of the negative, and how to maintain your hair on a budget (no one has time or money to spend 90-135 dollars on a trim), and how to transition and look at what is stopping you from transition

Almost like a therapy but for your hair 🙂

If this sounds like anything that you would like to know then come on down!

Once you pay we will be in contact via email/instagram w.e. works best leave a comment under this post with your email and name under which you paid so that I can reach you. All comments have to be moderated so if you would not like your comment to be public please lmk in your comment thank you 🙂

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