SO I know I cheated a bit and went on a rant and no November will not be full of rants however I did want to announce that the month of November will be skin care

YAYYY!! As you can clearly tell I am a huge fan of skin care and have been for a while mostly because of my eczema but yeah

Today I just wanted to show you guys some stuff I’ve bought for myself as I am depressed(not truly but truly) about school and life


          1. So first off starting from the left is the Cremo Coconut Mango Moisturizing Shave Cream and Cremo Lavender Bliss Moisturizing Shaving Cream. It retails at 8 dollars for 6 fl oz which is a steal. Let me just say this is BOMB! I usually struggle with finding shaving cream that works for my dry skin but this does the trick and it smells so good! It does not suds up it more of a creamy texture so it is more moisturizing. I have had no problems using it and I love it. (Thank you Cremo for sending these over!)
          2. The second one is the Lush D’fluff strawberry shaving soap. I also really love this shaving soap its 12.95  for 2.4 oz so it’s a little more pricey but still worth it. It’s moisturizing and you don’t need a ton to shave. It does smell like strawberries! The only thing I wish is the bottle to be a bit bigger but that is lush so if you want more natural you gots to pay the monies.
          3. The one right under Lush is the Soap and Glory righteous butter. I am a sucker for anything that is Soap and Glory and this does the trick. The smell is amazing and the cream is a bit thicker then your average cream so you really do feel your skin moisturizing. You get 10.1 oz for about 16 bucks Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter 300Ml. If you don’t want to dedicate yourself to this but still want to try it they also have a travel size Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter – Travel Size.
          4. Next up is the Julep Bare Face Hydrating Cleansing Oil and Makeup Remover. I can’t say enough about this product super moisturizing so if you have extra dry skin like me this is for you ! Makeup wipes usually dry up my skin so this is a great alternative. I know it’s a bit pricier but it’s so worth is and you get 3.5 oz for 28 zollas. You only need about three pumps and your good to go. It melts the makeup right off so good! I’ve had it for 5 months now and usually use it twice a week and its like half way so the product last.
          5. Last but not least is The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution 15ml and The Ordinary 100% Plant-derived Squalane 30ml. I cry(honestly) too good the salicylic acid has gotten rid of my little stubborn pimple that do not want to leave and the plant derived squalane is super moisturizing. I use only both at night because the plant derived squalane is extremely hydrating and it counters some of the dryness from the salicylic acid. I usually spot treat for the salicylic acid and you do not need a whole ton so it last.

Well guys that is all I hope you guys enjoyed! Make sure to treat yo’ self and have a great day!

Some of the links are affiliated link jsyk.

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