So this is a mix topic because some people say that scrubbing while having eczema/dry skin can actually get rid of the flakes on your skin and then some say that it can aggravate your skin and your eczema will get much worse

I go for the second one I’ll admit I am guilty for scrubbing in the past thinking that exfoliants would help my skin out

However, I have learned the hard way that this does not work and that I should have know better but did not

I have tried multiple exflioants for my face and for my body both natural and store-bought and both have resulted in the same way including (tree hut, shea moisture homemade sugar ones etc..)

I get dry patches they get worse they start to flake and HELLO ECZEMA!

And it would be really bad to the point I would scratch my legs all night and then find myself in the morning with a bunch of cuts

NOW for those that so scrub and find it to be okay with their skin great I mean I am kind of jealous cause I wish I could pamper myself in that way but I cannot

Instead I just skin scrubbing my skin altogether and trust me when I stopped doing that my eczema actually got better

I even think I started to get eczema on my legs because I would scrub my legs every other week but I mean that was a self diagnosis (I am no doctor)

I will say the only “exfoliant” I have tried that has worked for me but I wouldn’t really call it a scrub is soaking raw oats and then scrubbing your body in circular motions

This has not irritated my skin but soaking raw oats and having that mess in your bath is an inconvenience

So I say this to say be careful with what you’re putting on your body including scrubs they’re not even good for the environment so might as well do you and the environment a favor and just throw out your scrub if you have one

I will also say your decision is your own and if I wasn’t convincing enough to throw it out then that’s fine too I understand 🙂

That is all I hope you enjoy my little tale and comment down below your favorite scrub or do you use any scrub at all buh-bye

image not my own


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