In the Morning: Almost There

SO this is a random post as usual I am in the middle of finals almost done but I also wanted to write because it has been a very long time

So some updates: I am almost done with college YAYY I have one more semester left and to all those that have one or two semesters left just keep pushing you got this

It has been a really rough week because I have been sick FOREVER and it just seems like I will continue to be sick but anyways

My eczema has been really bad on my hands lately I read up on reddit

(hello to all the reddit people reading) that sea salt water helps with hand eczema so I might try that out

I am also looking to make some money so I might do an internship, I just do not know yet

I am going on break for college and will probably be hibernating for weeks so yes hibernation commence (soon)

My favorite Starbucks drinks right now are green tea latte and caramel brulee latte

However, I get a skinny vanilla latte if I am extra healthy

I’ve also bought a couple of things of course I’ll probably post this on another post

ANDD yeah I just am slowly getting out of school and just wanted to write for a bit

Thanks for waiting and get ready for some bomb content!


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