So I wanted to break down for you and for me things that I bought for the month of November and December

I wanted to give you guys an insight to items I’ve bought that might spark your interest in buying gifts for your love ones some of these will be makeup items and miscellaneous things

so like always bear with me for the boring parts

Some things I also got on sale which is pretty awesome so yay all items will be linked 🙂

Sooo I’ll first start off with clothes

I did some shopping both because I just felt like I needed to de-stress from college and also because I legit have zero clothes

I usually start off with items that I listed that I needed and go from there soooo

And its pretty much winter in New York so I got a bunch of scarves all of these scarves are huge, keep me warm and are super soft (so apparently they love those scarves so much they’re not on sale 😦 )

I usually like bigger scarves because I like to be bundle up, I have been sick about 3 times in the past 4 months and to avoid that I rather just wear my big scarves

I also got a shirt and a fleece jacket that I’ve been dying for

So this shirt is super cute and I’m probably going to wear it for christmas because I just do not feel like actually shopping

The fleece jacket is worth every penny and its so warm andddd its extremely soft literally my friend’s pet me every time I wear it which is a bit weird but I can’t do anything (oh well)

I also got my brother a coat from Zara which he loves btw and he it’s so cute its pretty big and heavy he’s 9 so I got a size nine for him

So I just noticed I included the mask of magnaminty that I’ve been loving, tbh I am not a mask person mostly because I haven’t found a mask that does not dry my skin but this is a holy grail

It exfoliates and cleans all the impurities out of your skin but does not dry it out which is what sold me

Also how cute are those socks unfortunately I had to find others cause these are not on the sale

So this is my random items pile I wanted a different wallet one that was smaller but fit all my crap and this was definitely it

I also wanted a perfume oil just to have in my bag if I need a refresher after the gym or just while I’m walking around

The Nike slides were definitely an impulse buy I should have not gotten these but they’re so comfy and I do not regret purchasing them

I usually pick comfort over everything

I bought the wella treatmentWella Brilliance Treatment for Fine To Normal Colored Hair, 5.07 Ounce

and joico shampoo for my sister as a gift because she’s been dying for it

I got the nyx lip pencil in nutmeg and love it, its more on the brown side and a great color to outline lips I also bought the too faced melt lip gloss because its bomb and comfortable on the lips. It does not have that sticky feeling you can get with other lip glosses and it’s just great.

I also repurchased the Anastasia brow definer cause this stuff is just amazing I have no complaints outlining and filling in my brows.

And that is all I hope you enjoyed my little haul and I hope you guys enjoy my comeback.

I’m back and I’m better. (ok drake)

All photos are from websites some items might be affiliate links

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