Side note I am working on artwork and music I don’t know if I will share it here yet but I might

Since 2018 is approaching I felt like writing about what motivates me for the new year and also what just motivates me right now

I’ll do a whole other post on my goals for 2018 and what to make sure you have on your goals also just a bunch of things for 2018 buttttttt lets start off with this

SO in terms of working out what motivates me to eat better and go to the gym is one that I see the change in my body and my mind when I go to the gym

I feel more fit and I see the changes but mentally I feel much better about myself

I use to bring myself down all the time about my weight and what I ate as if it was a punishment to eat but that all changed when I started to work out and eat right

It is a daily challenge and I am not going to lie it is super hard because there is this consistent back and forth of eating right and then eating crappy and then feeling crappy and all the judgements

buts its gets better and you learn how to truly love yourself each day, I’m still working on myself but I think I’ve pretty much have gotten the hang of loving myself

I am not going to lie to you guys cause I don’t feel the need to. I’ve been eating really crappy and changing habits like your eating habits can be hard like extremely hard but its well worth it

So wanting to be better for myself and my future motivates me

In terms of college what motivates me is that I have one semester left and I can graduate YAYYYY which is also scary but its such a big milestone to pass andit’s just going to feel great when I do

SO knowing that I’ll have a good GPA and that I work off my butt to then go home and become a potato is my motivation for school

In terms of my other activities like making art and music my biggest motivation is just that I love what I do and I love music and art and I can’t wait to do where I get paid to do what I love

I am motivated because I want to succeed for my family that came here so that I could have a better life and also for me so that I can continue to enjoy life and to do better for myself

Motivation is key

you need it for basically everything and once you make things a routine it gets so much easier to do them

So stay positive and stay motivated you got this !!!!

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