COllEGE why why are we speaking about this when its almost the end of the semester and most people are on break (if your in school)

WELP because its important to talk about and I mostly want to talk about the underlining reason why you should go

not because its going to get you money, or a degree or its going to make your parents happy


So the other day I was helping my cousin with a college essay and I was getting really frustrated because it just seemed like she wanted me to do the essay for her ( I mean who wouldn’t)

and she was just tired NOW she was sick and she is a freshman in her first year of college so I understand being overwhelmed by college material

BUT everyone who is in college must adjust and while I was ranting to my friend about why is important especially for lower income students to go to college I thought of all those times I really wanted to drop out of school and become a stripper (not really)

and most times it was just because it was really hard work that was foreign to me because I was not really taught how to write critical or research papers

College is important because you meet people and people can get you jobs and connections and let me tell you that is something you will always need. I am an introvert so going to college really forces you to at least talk to one person even if its a professor that is one more person you know that you wouldn’t have known if you were laying at home binge watching greys

It’s important because for some part you learn how to write in a more formal manner and if you are thinking of getting into a business or anything really writing effectively is a valuable skill

ALSO for those that did not know some or most of the jobs you apply to after college will ask for writing samples

College also helps you figure out who you are as a person, I think I have grown so much from when I was 18 and I have learned so much about myself that I don’t really think I would have learned anywhere else because college gives you the ability to be in a space where everyone is figuring out who they are and its okay if you don’t know

It can also help you figure out your passions (maybe) I realized while in school that I was just not willing to do all this work for med school and that I had a passion in music and art so thats what I focused on. Otherwise I don’t believe I would have found that passion or I would have found it in a years from now.

Finally it gives you a place to be and a constant while you don’t know what to do. The best thing I think you can do if you really do not know what to do with your life is to go to college. Even the people that drop out of college only drop out after the realize college is not for them or w.e. other reason. But, they still went into college to figure that out!

Try it at your own risk it is definitely challenging but extremely worth it if you put the effort and time !! Enjoy your dayyyyy 🙂

Bender is too funny 

Gif from giphy not my own 🙂

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