I just first want to say thank you to all my followers and the silent ones (i see you) for coming along and following all my randomness

You guys have made my 2017 year great! and I hope you’ll stay with me for 2018 and beyond :))

Why is 2018 ready for you?

Because 18 is my favorite number so I know that 2018 IS GOING TO BE GREAT FOR ALL YOU GUYS

I THINK BECAUSE 2018 IS GOING TO BE SO GREAT that we should all expect great things to come along but

we should all expect things to not go as plan and to be okay from that and to grow from these experiences

we should also not expect anything I think expectation can be dangerous sometimes because we expect something and it doesn’t go as plan or it goes completely wrong or it can go completely right

so just let things be

I’ve been watching the crown on netflix and its been the greatest thing ever I think everyone should watch it

there was this quote that the queen said and she stated sometimes the hardest thing to do is nothing and I think that is so true

Sometimes we want to resolve things and fix things right away but sometimes it is best to just do nothing and let things play

more to that that I would add is that its hard to figure out when we should do something and when we shouldn’t

But its just interesting to figure that out with ourselves and 2018 should be and self reflection on when to act and when to do nothing

Challenge yourself is usually hard because no one wants to challenge themselves

But I think challenging yourself gets yourself out of your comfort zone and then its makes you grow yourself as a person

so Challenge yourself whether its reading a book or trying a new style of food or wearing something you would never do

Do something you would never do cause it expands yourself and helps you grow

AND 2018 is about growing

so after all this rambling if you couldn’t keep up cause I am all over the place I apologize

But I will say that you should challenge yourself  something you would never do, limit your expectation and self reflect 🙂 Be new be better  Adios!

Happy New Years!!!!!

Courtesy of Giphy



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