SO I know everyone has a new year new me mindset which is GREAT

Go to the gym eat healthier meals live a better life

But I think a lot of people don’t know how to start

and starting is such a big thing when it comes to things like your career or your health

So plan things out! Write down exactly what you want to do at what time you want to do it and where

SO for example I would write on my phone or my planner I want to workout for an hour and a half at 2:00pm at home half time cardio half time weights

And although this might not always help you achieve that goals writing it down sets in motion to do it more than just stating in your head “oh I should work out”

So for January all I want to talk about is health and mostly because I’ve been more focus on my health and wellness then anything else

And I want to give some tips to people who are struggling to start their health journey

SO tip # 1 is Drink lots and lots of water and cut out the juice and soda 

Time and time again you will hear this but just cutting out juice and soda will get rid of all those extra calories and will also help you lose some pounds

Tip #2 Start off small: I feel like a lot of the time we tend to just things off cold turkey and then binge or feel crappy. Taking steps especially small ones help to actually get to your goal without your body and mind feeling deprived

So make a small goal everyday like I go to the gym or workout for 10 minutes

I’ll only drink water Monday-Wednesday

I’ll incorporate one veggie at dinner

and as these habits get easier you can incorporate more habits to your lifestyle

Tip #3 Remember and remind why you started: I am guilty of this too I feel discouraged and don’t want to eat right or don’t want to work out BUT reminding yourself why you started in the first place helps to achieve your goal and your more likely to put down the chocolate or throw in some veggies

Tip #4: Do NOT be yourself up if you fail or you’ve eaten pretty crappy that week: It was just the holidays and no one was safe. We all are guilty of taking a second plate or eating tons and tons of dessert and that’s okay as long as you decide that tomorrow will be a better day and you’ll get back at your routine. Even those that have lost tons of weight have had cheat days and days they just ate like crazy and part of it is just because were human so this is a lifestyle change.

Tip #5 This is a LIFESTYLE change so if you’re not in it for the long run DO NOT DO IT: I say this because a lot of people want to lose weight extremely quick(I mean who wouldn’t) and only want to do it for a short amount of time and reality is that this is a lifestyle you will have to do this for the rest of  your life. So instead of cutting out everything cold turkey decide what would be the best eating habits you can and while being healthy and can do it for the rest of your life.

This can keep you more stable and give you a better chance to losing some pounds.

SO these were my tips for 2018! I hope you guys live life to the fullest and I hope you enjoy if you would like more tips let me know ! :)) Adios

image not my own 

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