SO today I thought it would be great to show you guys all these things I learned in 2017 about health and what I have changed

I truly wanted to talk about this because I felt deprived of information and in the same way I feel like if you are doing something anything you should get all the info


so FIRST THINGS FIRST I have no idea how long this will be so I apologize if this is a long post but I think it is very necessary. Also I am not a professional trainer or physician this is just what has been working for me and it might not work for you.

First thing I learned love the body you had before and after I truly was not happy with the body I had before I was okay with it but I had to do a lot of self analyzes and a lot of self learning to figure out what I love about myself and why

And don’t get me wrong I think I am a fire person and I love myself unconditionally but you have to love all stages of you because if you don’t then who will

Stop worrying about how long just stop because the more you think about it the more you probably won’t do it. I’ve watched a lot and I mean A LOT of YouTube video about people’s healthy journeys and the one that stuck to me the most was High Carb Hannah. She talks about being so happy with just losing half a pound a week or one pound a week and the reason why she does not promote losing more than a pound is because this is a lifestyle. And you should do something that will not be a drastic change in your body instead it’ll be slow but consistent!

You should lose pounds slowly nothing extreme, again from before you want to lose weight slowly so that you stay consistent however, if you’re a person that can stay consistent and eat correctly 95% of the time then go for it. I would recommend losing at least half a pound a week because it has worked for me and it is something I could sustain. Whereas beforehand I was losing a ton of weight at an unhealthy rate and it was just not good because I eventually plateau.

Strength training is important it is also my favorite thing to do because it gets me crazy pumped BUT strength training is important because it tones your muscles and tones your whole body. You feel so much better and no you will not build muscle at least in my experience I have not gained any muscle.

Having cheat days here and there are not going to kill you: I promise they won’t and you kind of need them because if your going to eat junk food here and there for the rest of your life then this should be something you do while you are trying to lose weight. HOWEVER, I don’t mean eat a giant cookie everyday but if you want to eat a piece a chocolate or a cookie do not deprive yourself. Your more likely to binge if you do and I’ve experience this countless amount of times before I changed my habits.

This is truly a lifestyle: It is what is it and if you’re not ready for a lifestyle start off small but you should know if you really want this health journey to last you it has to be a lifestyle and I think this was one of the most important things I learned in 2017 because when I started working out and eating right I just wanted to lose weight however, throughout my journey and continuing I am looking at this as a lifestyle. As something I truly want to change for the long run and hopefully influence others to join.

Don’t let other people’s opinions of you change your habits: I could not count how many times during the holidays all the people in my family had asked me how did I lose the weight. And every time my answer would be eating right and working out but then they would ruin their kind of compliment by telling me things like “don’t gain the weight back” “its really hard to lose weight when you eat that much rice” “wow you really did lose weight” etc…. and these could be really discouraging and you could feel really crappy because you’ve worked so hard. But you have to remember that this health journey is for you and only you.

Other people including countless family members do not faze me when they say little comments like that because I didn’t become healthier for them

I became healthier for me and I will continue to be healthy for me

So with that being said

You are the best you now and will be a better you everyday you work on you 

How many you’s have I said but it is true !

You are a great person already however the more you work on yourself the better you will be and the better you will feel


I’ll try to post a before and after sometime soon but thanks and work on you boos!!

working out is hard_ gif not mine 

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