I just want to first say all my health advice is just my personal advice that has helped and although it has helped me it this does not mean it’ll help you

so take this as you will

SO while I eat some ruffle all dress chips and twix because I just wanted something sweet

and I want to be genuine about my health journey because it’s not a downward slope and sometimes I do give in and I just want something sweet and something salty that’s not veggies and fruit

Don’t slap me because of it I am only human also

But I do want to give you guys some reminders on what to focus on when working out and dropping some pounds

First you should focus on what to work on when your working out and I know it makes no sense but it’ll make sense in a minute

So lets say your lifting weights instead of focusing in things like I need to push more weight or I need to do this much sets to get to my goal and to loss “X” amount of pounds

Instead you should focus on your form and how you feel when your lifting weights, if you like weights and you like how it makes you feel then you’ll be more likely to continue to work out

Whereas if your working out thinking about your sets or the amount of weight you lose then your less likely to go back to working out and less likely to succeed in your health goals because all you’ll be thinking about is the sets that you couldn’t do or the fact that you lost less pounds than you intended

I usually focus on my body and what workouts my body wants to do that day so today my body wanted to do HIIT instead of running on the treadmill

Focus on yourself and on your food in moderation sometimes I need to work on this too because I’ll micromanage everything I eat which is unhealthy but I will also micromanage how much I’ve lost and that just drains the life out of you and can lead to really unhealthy habits

now I am focusing more on how my body feels when I work out and eating what my body wants at certain times but of course in moderation

So if I go out I tend to eat out and I don’t restrict myself of anything because I do not want to binge just because I didn’t have twix and ruffles when I wanted it

In the same respect if your eating fast food here and there do not expect to lose 2 pounds a week because it’ll probably not happen

Also do not expect for the scale to go down at all cause it might now

I am okay with eating like this because this is a lifestyle and personally I would rather lose pounds slowly typically .5 to 1 pound a week instead of 2 pounds a week

Focus on the small things I tend to look in the mirror everyday and complement some part of me because it’ll just make me more focus on my fitness goals and also shows me how far I’ve come

Focus on eating the right amount of portions of fruit and veggies this is essential into better health and it’ll really get you in the mood to do work outs and you’ll just feel more energize

I just ate too many ruffles and I feel like crap whereas usually when I eat clean I don’t feel like crap and I have a crazy amount of energy so eating your veggies and fruits can do you wonders

Focus on the long-term instead of short-term this just mean focus on really making your health journey a lifestyle instead of just trying to lose “x” amount of pounds. This will help you maintain your weight and also your healthy eating.

At the end of this all FOCUS ON YOU. 2018 is about being selfish and putting yourself and your health first so do so in a healthy and happy way.

I hope this has helped you guys! and see ya !

IMAGE not my own giphy



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