I know its very easy to get wrapped around in this cycle where we feel like we have to adapt to everyone’s needs and everything that people say is a fact and we must change

Sometimes we make up our own ideas where we feel like we have to comply to these ideas

HOWEVER I am here to tell you that you do not have to!

I’ve had this a lot since I’ve gotten home. My parents, family member etc.. have told me how skinny I’ve been getting and how much weight I’ve lost

But then they start talking about things I should and shouldn’t eat, things I should and shouldn’t enjoy and by the time I realize it I am confused, angry and mostly not approachable

And sometimes I do believe them or I try out some of the stuff that they’ve told me and half way through I realize how stupid it is of me to do this

I should work on what is best for me and what helps me instead of focusing on what they believe is best for me again what works for them or even their truth is not my truth

in the same way I am in my head a lot and tend to just start making up silly ideas that make no sense and just do nothing for my well-being

So I shut it out those thoughts of your not good enough, or your never lose the weight or this is all for nothing is all false

It is a slow process but it will happen and when you’re in that happy state then you’ll see that it was worth it

Get rid of those ideas that your family friend etc.. tells you do your own research and form your own ideas and this doesn’t only have to apply to health but it can also apply to anything maybe a book or a movie you want to watch the looked good but your friend said it was terrible

Formulate your own thoughts and ideas because you are your own person and everyone is different and likes different things

Stop thinking that you can’t do weights or you can’t lift that much or you can’t use the stair master and just try it

Even if you hate it after you try it at least you did try it and you got an idea of what you do not like about it

Time is everything so stop thinking about how fast you want time to go and think about what you’ve done today that was worth while

For example, I had a good work out today, I meet up with my friend and I had some good bubble tea and also I am here doing my blogs and that was all worth it

At the end of the day you only want to have positive thoughts for 2018

Positive ideas will get you in a happier state and a happier mind

I will have thoughts to get rid of in 2018 part two which will be more of mindfulness, mental health and so on but this is more in terms of fitness and health

Thank you for listening to me or reading or whatever if you enjoy please let me know or let me know if I missed out on anything! Adios!

Treat yo’self Fridays: Again these are just things that I enjoyed or purchased that I want you guys to be aware of and some links are affiliated

Skin Care: L’oreal Micellar Water 

Aveeno Positively Radiant Facial Moisturizer

Hair Care: Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Mask – 8 oz

Briogeo Rice and Avocado Leave In

Health care: Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste

Dove Body Wash Deep Moisture 24 oz, Pack of 3

Maybelline New York Fit Me! Concealer, Fair [15], 1 ea (Pack of 3)


Giphy not my own

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