So today I wanted to do a part two of thoughts you should get rid of not only for your mental health but also to have a successful and long term healthy journey

These are thoughts that I’ve had myself and know how much sometimes most if not all things you think are true are just in your head

SOO in order to get to your fitness goal/health goal you must get rid of:

Thinking you will not be able to do it; this has happened to me so many times I think that I am doing great eat right feeling good and then I wake up one day and feel unmotivated or I ate like crap the night before and feel like that was a mess for me. Then I start spiraling in my head that I can’t do it but you have to be CONFIDENT not only in your journey but in yourself. You will make it! You can do this!

Not loving yourself inside and OUT! If your first thought when you look in the mirror is disgust then thats a problem because losing weight won’t solve that. You have to love yourself right now at this moment and love yourself like that everyday.

Being Impatient This happens to so many people including myself! You start your journey and your so happy see some pounds dropping and then you feel like why is it not going faster. Or your at your health journey and are doing everything right but see zero change. Just like with anything great in life we have to be patient. Realistically you didn’t gain all the weight in one day so theres no healthy way you can lose it in one day.

Not training yourself to have discipline I feel like this happens as you keep eating right and going to the gym but disciplining yourself to have your health as a priority and going to the gym like if you were going to school or work is so important. I feel like discipline its what keeps you going even when you don’t want to go to the gym or school. Discipline is that extra push you need!

Being Unhappy I feel like if your unhappy you’ll tend to be less inclined to do certain things that require a lot of energy like being healthy. So I have a couple of tricks I do just to be a little more happy. I usually read a self help book or when I take pictures I always smile because I want to condition my body to be happy. And when I go to the gym no matter how much I do not want to do I smile because again I want to condition my body to know this is a good thing and its something that makes me happy.

Thats all! Let me know if any of these have helped you or if you’ve ever tried them!

I hope you guys have a great dia!!!

Image not my own

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