I meet up with a friend the other day and we were talking about smart adjustments for having a successful healthy journey

Now I understand that some people do not have the same time as others and having to work out even three times a week can be a lot

So I wanted to talk about some small adjustments that you could make to your health in order to have a little more of a healthy lifestyle

First off if you are unable to workout even three times a week then aim for just working out one time a week. And make sure you go that one time a week! Even one time a week is better than going no times a week. Ride a bike to work or go up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. We know all these things but the action is what we need to work on. So if you work out once a week but you go up the stairs everyday then your already to a healthier you!

Can’t get rid of soda then switch to diet soda making small changes like this can have a huge impact. If you can’t get rid of juice then go for a cold press juice or try cutting out juice once or twice a week. This can lead you to cutting out juice completely in the long run.

Love granola bar but some have to many sugars? Switch to a protein bar or a kind bar or go for a more organic bar and if these are not alternatives for you then give up eating granola bars for one day. And if your really adventurous make your own!

Want to cut out dairy because you know your lactose intolerant OR you just want to cut out dairy for better looking skin or to combat eczema or just for your overall health. Then switch to plant-based milks. They’re super accessible and not expensive at all. I love almond, cashew, and soy milk. I even enjoy sodelicious coconut milk. And trust me when I say I hate coconut anything(sorry coconut lovers) but their milk is too good.

Part of the issue that we face when trying to cut out food while were trying to be healthy is that we do it all at once instead let’s try to cut out one thing at a time.

SO I challenge you guys to pick one of these or a personal goal and try it for a month! Let me know how it worked out and have a great day :))

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Image not my own but WATER

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