NOW you guys might have read the title like what is she talking about?

Is she going insane or am I or can I even English?

And no I am not going insane I just wanted to talk about why you should be concern about your health specifically health in terms of fitness and wellness

And not the medical terms or what people usually say when they talk about why people should be concern with their health

BUT I wanted to talk about the real stuff and even give you guys some questions and these might be tough to answer and usually its even hard for me to answer these

so lets get started


and when I mean good I mean do you rarely get sick or suffer from any illnesses or diseases and are some of the due to the stuff that you eat

I usually always get sick and its usually because my immune system and I just haven’t haven’t been in good terms (we’re making a new contract, my lawyers talk to its lawyers)

But seriously after I started eating more whole foods and tracking what I eat I have noticed that I get less sick

ALSO I have noticed that my eczema has calmed more down then usual. During the winter times is when I get hit the hardest and my eczema is just all types of unbearable but for the most parts its been pretty bearable

Is your health affecting other parts of your life? 

Do you feel comfortable wearing the clothes you wear or are you aware and conscious of your body when you wear them….this could either mean you should buy other clothes OR you can change your abilities of clothes wearing and try a fitness journey so that your more comfortable to wear them

Do you not want to do certain activities because you feel like you can’t walk that far or its too much activities for you or that you might feel like people are aware of you being there and talk about you and your body. This happens to everyone and I have some post about mindfulness but if this does happen to you then you should think about it further

Maybe relationship with friends and families have been loss because you do not go to certain events with them or you tend to avoid things like birthdays and dinners because your too conscious of your body you might forget where you are or why your there

And last but not least you don’t praise yourself and you might feel down about yourself and that should never be the case cause your too good for that but if your health is affecting these parts of your life then thinking of changing it can improve life and your health

Do you feel tired all the time?

And I do not mean the occasional tiredness everyone gets which I think is completely normal but I mean tired everyday all day with zero amount of energy. There so much to do in life and we should not spend most of our day feeling tired.

I use to tell myself that I was tired all the time and I stopped doing that because the more you tell yourself your tired the more you’ll be. And instead of telling yourself that your tired do something about your tiredness!

Now if you’ve gotten this far yass! I hope that this can help you really dig in to why you should start your fitness journey or health journey whatever you would like to call it 🙂

And if you do let me know! Au revoir!

Gif not my own

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