this is me getting it together!

HELLO EVERYONE! I know I know I’ve been off the map but I am back

Hopefully for good! College has been an insane time lately I feel like there is no break its like you finish one quiz and then here comes another

I also just want to give a quick shout out to the lady at michaels today although she probably is not reading this thank you for the discount!

I’ll never deny a discount!

Anyways for this month I just want to bring up pretty random post because it’s just what my creative juices have been telling me to do

and instead of taking a huge nap which is what i wanted to do I am writing today because I’ve been listening to some Ted talks that are really inspiring and one of them talks about taking things into small sections

instead of looking at bigger sections and although that might seem obvious to some people even to me I was just like duh break things up into sections I just never really put it into practice

and when I noticed that I spend 16 hours or even more some days awake taking an hour to write or 15 minutes to do yoga or 15 minutes working on music and art or breaking my study sessions into 15 minutes throughout the day doesn’t seem that bad

And it really isn’t!

And although some days I am more lazy or just flat-out tired and I won’t want to do anything that’s fine because taking a break is fine

If I seem all over the place is because I am and that’s fine too in college and even in life I think its fine to just be all over the place

SO yeah!

TWO new things I have done differently in February:

Practicing yoga and mediation 10 minutes a day for two to three days

Also I’ve been really focusing on how I feel and what my body needs

I hope you guys enjoyed my rambling ADios!

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